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ValueGrid helps you unlock the latent value of your company through fast, engineered solutions powered by Machine Learning.

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What we do?

Fast and Engineered AI


Business Impact

Our team has the right blend of business management experience, ML expertise & software engineering skills. We are here to listen, understand and solve the buisness challenges that are currently limiting your growth potential.


Holistic Problem Definition

We believe that providing technical tools are only effective if part of a wider, holistic approach to tackle your problems at hand. This is why our solutions are collaborative in nature, bringing all key stakeholders on board, understanding the underlying business drivers and making sure that users adoption is real, for maximum bottom-line impact.


Entreprise-grade Solutions

Secure & reliable cloud deployments. API-driven approach, to seamlessly inject value-adding AI solutions into your existing business systems.


Collaborative Platform v0.6

We have develop a platform, available on any device, to fully manage the cycle of your challenges, ML solutions & insights for real business impact.

Access the platform
The ValueGrid team has successfully delivered a cutting-edge AI product that accurately infers concepts embedded in student essays. This solution has been seamlessly integrated to our wider educational web-based platform and is now used in real classrooms environment.

Prof. Konstantin Pervushin

School of Biological Sciences, NTU
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