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Geotechnical Data Digitalization Platform

We use the latest technologies to instantly digitize geotechnical data and enable professionals to focus on their real added value.
Civim solutions make geotechnical data analysis, processing and visualization effortless, accurate and cost-effective.

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Electrical Resistivity Tomography

Electrical Resistivity Tomography Solution

Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT) is a geophysical technique for imaging sub-surface structures from electrical resistivity measurements made at the surface, or by electrodes in one or more boreholes [Wiki]

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Open Source Civil Engineering Calculations

This is an initiative to start consolidating civil engineering calculation methods.
The field is obviously broad and this repository only scratches the surface of what could be put together, collectively.
The ambition here is to provide a starting point – focusing specifically on struts mesh design for excavations.
Let's start sharing more and stop reinventing the wheel everytime a new project starts.
Your source code contributions are very welcome!

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PLAXIS + Python

Bentley® PLAXIS Automation using Python

We can help your team fully automate the Bentley®'s PLAXIS Geotechnical Finite Element Analysis Software workflows through the Python API. You can now run hundreds of simulations overnight and get your full analysis report & plots in the morning

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