The AI Partner for Legal & Contract Professionals

Using state of the art machine learning techniques, our integrated platform brings Legal & Contract Professionals to the next level of effectiveness

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Contract Automation, Comparison & Analytics • Smart Clause & Points Extraction • Knowledge Management • Court Cases Analysis • Secured Document Management

Focus on your real added-value

We believe in using intuitive technology, leveraging speed and accuracy for real business impact.

LegalTech Platform Features

The AI Partner for Legal & Contract Professionals

Conversational AI

Have you seen the Iron Man movies? Say hello to LegalTech Jarvis!
Using latest NLU techniques, Jarvis will guide you through the decision process relevant to your problematics.

Secured Document Workflow

One go-to space to store and manage documents in any formats. Generate customized reports and presentations at your fingertips.

AI-based Automation & Analytics

Smart and instant data synchronization enabling reliable business analytics, comparison & trends.

Smart Clause & Point Extraction

With its advanced ML models, Jarvis reads and analyzes multiple contracts simultaneously, enabling clause & point extraction availability within seconds.

Data Visualization

Innovative and user-friendly ways to display your data and provide your business stakeholders with impactful insights.

Digital Collaboration

Leveraging its digital and interactive nature, Jarvis enables team members live collaboration while reducing tedious emails and attachments exchange.

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